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1.Who developed and taught the doctrine of predestination? ПРАВИЛЬНЫЙ ответ
2.In 1917, the United States entered World War I after learning of a German plot to ПРАВИЛЬНЫЙ ответ
3.The Declaration of Human Rights issued by the United Nations in 1948 explicitly stated that all human beings have the right to ПРАВИЛЬНЫЙ ответ
4.In 1997 the United Nations attempted to address the issue of global warming by ПРАВИЛЬНЫЙ ответ
5.A follower of the Chinese philosophy of Daoism would MOST agree with which statement? ПРАВИЛЬНЫЙ ответ
6.Which terrorist incident was the first to receive major mainstream media attention? ПРАВИЛЬНЫЙ ответ
7.Which of these has been the MOST important factor in the rise of globalized trade? ПРАВИЛЬНЫЙ ответ
8.What is the primary reason the Soviet Union installed communist regimes in Eastern Europe after World War II? ПРАВИЛЬНЫЙ ответ
9.The Boxer Rebellion of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was a response to the ПРАВИЛЬНЫЙ ответ
10.In taking the Tennis Court Oath, the National Assembly vowed to ПРАВИЛЬНЫЙ ответ
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